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ISBN 978-960-14-2370-8 Pages 303


The enthralling years during the reign of the ex king of Egypt, Farouk, along with a then powerful Greek community. A mosaic of events, developments, personal stories; and of risk, success, happiness and misery –all resulting tragically in the return of Greek misfortune, a poor Greece albeit with dynamism and prospects for the future. From New York to Alexandria; and from Beirut to Belgrade, the Emirates and Athens, George Leonardos takes us to a world that exists around us, creates, fights, falls in love and mourns.

A tour of both wartime and post-war Alexandria,with its fleeting love affairs and adventuresome enterprises from the description of which emerges a mulch-racial, mulch-cultural and cosmopolitan city that had no cause for envy of large European and American centers.

And from this dream city emerges a genuine love between two children, to whom Lady Luck granted many joys and great sorrows…

The Alexandria Rhapsody” synthesizes a fascinating novel that combines the story-telling skills of an expert insightful historiographer, an analyst of social situations and personal blind alleys. An album of bitter memories of a Hellenism that no longer exists, and of perceptions and attitudes of a society with far-reaching goals and an international cosmopolitan outlook…

In perhaps the most mature book ever by...

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