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ISBN 960-14-0457-0     Pages 305


The book Maria Magdalene, full of hues and different levels, livens up two periods in human society, through the penetrating writing of George Leonardos. A serious study on the sources and the unknown history of Christianism, a boisterous, waggish criticism of the hypocritical morals of the Greek society, a reading of frantic eroticism and an essay on the depressed, antifeministic nature of Christian worship, compose the axes of George Leonardos’ novel.

George Leonardos’ novel “Maria Magdalene”, weaving on two levels, livens up two periods in human society: the one of Christian and early-Christian years with its depressed antifeministic nature, and the one of modern times with its hypocritical morals.

The main hero, office clerk in a metropolitan city in the country, finds in the drawers of his desk a manuscript written by his predecessor. By reading the manuscript he learns about a part of the writer’s life, on one hand, and on the other, facts about the unknown history of Christianity, the story of Maria Magdalene, Gnosticism and the mystic Christian scripts.

As reading proceeds, the hero’s adventures of his everyday life begin to “tangle” with the ones of the manuscript’s writer and receive new dimensions.

As a result of his acquaintance with the restless spirit and the quests of the unknown writer, our hero experiences, from a different point of view, relations with friends and colleagues, sexual intercourses, spiritual meetings, even death.

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