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ISBN 960-236-488-2     Pages 253


My name is Hector Menelaou and I am an accountant....

At least that is how I had been introducing myself until I met ‘her’. Because afterwards, I was sucked into the whirl of the fate she destined for me, and I got lost in the complexity of its endless maze. When I was near her, I was peaceful and serene and whenever I lost her, I tried to regenerate her in my fantasy so that I could regain my peace of mind once more. Thus, I always had her near me.

As you may have conjectured, Eva was not an ordinary woman. She appeared in my life incidentally- on a ‘plain’ public bus- and I fell madly, desperately in love with her. And it was a kind of love that knew no limits and no bounds. I loved her so much, that I am not sure anymore if she really existed in real life or inside my wildest dreams.

In love both conditions coexist, and the love-stricken person cannot discern the dividing line between them...

For one thing I am quite certain, though... that the story I am about to narrate in this book will entice and captivate you, not because it is about an extraordinary love affair but because you will be granted the peerless, unrivaled chance to meet Eva, a woman whom you may have also met on your way, or you would wish to have met her...”   

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