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ISBN 960-236-706-7        348 pages


Odysseus, Elisabeth, Sonia, Ourania and myself got involved into the events of a simple story, which developed into a complex and intricate one. A tranquil and serene story which was disrupted by mysterious and inexplicable events that diverted and swerved from human perception..

In this novel, the author describes the physical as well as the mental ‘voyage’ of the main character in his book, Odysseus, a person with exceptional qualities and tremendous powers that were lavishly bestowed upon him. A person, who although was aware of his aptitudes, he also knew that no matter how much he tried, he could never surpass his worldly nature...

It is an adventure with “ innocent ”and “ guilty” people, “crimes” and  “punishments”, it is a story of love, pain, and regret wrapped up in a nostalgic atmosphere...

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