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ISBN 960-14-0110-5      196 pages


Ιf we were to place a novel in a hypothetical nuclear reactor, we would observe that it would split into particulars. The characters, the myth, the plot….and so on….”

It is all of these elements that serve to create George Leonardos’ work who while making the most of the experiences and the personal confessions of great timeless writers as well as current best seller novelists, touches on subjects which are rarely presented completed to the public.

-  How can I write a novel?

-  Where does one begin?

-  Do you need inspiration?

-  How is the story I want to tell built?

-  How do I select the characters?

-  Is narration done in the 1st or 3rd person?

-  How do I time manage my work?

This book is not a simple manual for writers. It is an inner revelation on how to tackle psychological obstacles and win personal decrees. On the whole, it portrays a different outlook on life. No aspiring writer can ignore the contents of this study, “The Structure of a Novel”, without being detrimental to it…

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