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ISBN 960-236-366-5     236 pages


A crime and a curse. One life and six deaths, were they all planned beforehand..? In an unjustified struggle, the hero in this novel, Leonidas, endeavors to unveil the mystery that covers his life, he tries to reach the end of Ariadne’s string that would lead him to the mysterious passages of the labyrinth that his past life had revealed to him, a labyrinth that centuries ago united Alexandria with the holy city of Jerusalem.

Leonidas, or rather the eleven cousins who shared the same name and who “when standing counted eleven” are inseparable. They lead parallel lives, filled with incredible, extraordinary and tragic incidents throughout the dramatic "adventure" or history of their family.

One Leonidas departs and the second erases his past altogether to enjoy the present in every possible way. Nevertheless ... Startling himself as well as the reader, the remaining Leonidas is confronted with his own story, written  in a book as if “the generals” who planned his route in this world refuse to let him forget. However, he perseveres, because life for this fortunate seventh tenant of the house that is built over the catacombs of Alexandria goes on...

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