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ISBN 978-960-2272-5 416 pages


From the shiny Greek Cyclades to the frowning, but magical Venice. And from there to the end of the world. A historic novel and at the same time a travel adventure. In the middle of 17th century, Greek navigators with primitive means explore unfamiliar seas and confront fearful conditions. From North Pole ices to the weird storms of the Atlantic. And from the unexplored seas of Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland to the dangerous passes of North Pacific and British Columbia. George Leonardos travels us, not only through history’s pathways, but he takes us with him, with a quick and at the same time exiting way to the most inaccessible and dangerous parts of earth. From the Ultima Thule, which inspired the classical antiquity but it was also used as a secrete symbol by the Nazis, up to the most difficult sea ways of the big oceans, like the mythical channel Anian and the Strait of the Greek Ioannis Fokas or Juan de Fouka.

We travel together with the heroes of the book into a seductive adventure, which will be engraved in the reader’s memory.

A historic novel and at the same time a charming and seductive narration for the funs of trips and Explorations, but even for those who would like to know the religious beliefs and cosmogony theories of the People in the 15th century.

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