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ISBN 960-14-0998-Χ     Pages 398


Michael VIII Palaeologos, The Liberator” is a historical novel about one of the most powerful personalities of the Byzantine times during one of the most important eras in Greek history, as it began to develop at the beginning of the Palaeologos’ reign in Byzantine.

It’s a fictional biography of Michael VIII, Palaeologos, patriarch of the homonymous dynasty, the man who achieved the unthinkable for the time, thanks to his versatile, diabolic mind.

The story begins with the disaster of the Fourth Crusade – an issue still engaging historical researchers – and ends with the Sicilian Vespertine, fomented, indirectly yet actively, by Michael. Between those two historic events stand the battle of Pelagonia and, of course, the retrieval of Constantinople by Palaeologos.

It’s a fascinating book full of intrigues, passions and eroticism, as well as political, diplomatic and ecclesiastical background, battles over power that left their mark during the 13th century. It successfully combines fast pace and academic precision.

As a leader he has been both condemned and praised by many. Just as history demands. Alas to the leaders who pass unnoticed…”

“… Michael entered and exited the typhoons of political and religious intolerance as an excellent conductor of political plot, a gifted opportunist, a great conspirator, a master of undermining tactics and subversive conspiracy, and, at the same time, as an ingenious man, strong, brave and a fighter. He had it inside him. How else were we to have survived unless we had such a leader?”

It is wise to judge whether a leader acted kind or unholy actions, after death. Still we need to consider the circumstances under which he acted…”

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